DragonBlade - iOS - MY INCENT BURST


DragonBlade - iOS - MY INCENT BURST

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Popular with most players worldwide!
Famous as the top 3D action mobile game of State War, 
Dragon Blade is awarded the honorable title
——No.1 MMOARPG Of 2015! Come and join us!

Not only a MMOG, but also a battlefield for you to fight with historic heroes! 
Not only amazing state wars, but also fantastic gifts for you!
Summon your bros, build your empire! 
You will be amazed at the top 3D technology and awesome HD image quality!
Lv Bu, Zhao Yun, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei… Various strategists and beauties are coming!
Warrior, Ranger, Archer and Mage, four professions available to form your strongest army! 

[Grand Bonus]
Fantastic gifts for novices! Free hero Liu Bei for you in the first two days! Thousands of ingots as a gift during the first week! 
[Realtime PVP]
Realtime PVP for thousands of players unlocks at Lv.15. You can revive with no CD! The craziest PK experience! 
[State War]
Unique State War system of Three Kingdoms enables you to be worshiped by millions of people as the state general!
[Seize Beauty]
Cluster of beauties in your harem allows you to live like a king! You can also seize others " beauties!
[Hero Link]
Hero link can add attribute bonus to kings of three states. Crowned as a real king!
[Legion System] 
Invite friends to join legions! Challenge legion boss, conquer the world!
[Three Kingdoms]
Original story of the Three Kingdoms with new time-travelling plots! You can never imagine what will happen until you play it!

————◆Game Features◆————
●Feature 1: Carefree Operation And Fighting Pleasure
Historic vice generals will fight with you! Enjoy bloody fights and stunning skills! 
Top 4K image quality and splendid special effects create this best MMOARPG;
Show your power and unify the chaotic world!

●Feature 2: Thousands Of Players PK In Realtime PVP War
Say goodbye to PC game! Cutting-edge realtime technology fully restores a real era of Three Kingdom!
Fight with thousands of players on one screen in gorgeous state war!
Follow the drumbeat and bugle to conquer the city!

●Feature 3: MOBA On Fingertip! Brand New Guandu War!
Guandu War, real 3V3 and 5V5 MOBA, satisfies all your expectation about fighting!
Enjoy face-to-face Wi-Fi PK with friends in your leisure time!
Download game now! Enjoy MOBA fighting anytime, anywhere as you want! 

●Feature 4: Create The Strongest Legion! Lead The Whole Server!
Global Aces, top legions gather here for the wonderful Palace PK and State War!
Show your strength at legion war and arena PK in front of players of the whole server! 
You can invite Facebook friends to play together for competition!

●Feature 5: Numerous Historic Heroes And Innovative Training System
Historic heroes all under your control! The most controllable heroes in a mobile game ever!
More than 50 heroes available! Lv Bu, Guan Yu and Zhao Yun are waiting for you!
Various gameplays——forge equip, inlay dragonsoul, star up, Gem system and so on! 

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Drawn background story of the Three Kingdoms, 
Similarly, if the other famous story, is purely coincidental!

This Is The Real PVP Fight!
Who is your under General? I will wait for you in Dragon Blade!