Spooky Realm Pro - Android - US INCENT


Spooky Realm Pro - Android - US INCENT

( App Interactive Studio )

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A thrilling journey through spooky world with our hero Ray. Play in Star and Alien World and Rescue Grandma.

Get ready for the spooky Halloween and Christmas with Spooky Realm Kids Halloween Edition !!!! Join Little Ray - Our war hero who is determined to bring down the master of the menacing army of cute minions.

A action packed 3D game where you take command of our hero Little Ray’s life and help him rescue his grandma from Boogeyman’s dungeon. With little Ray, enter his spooky kids dreamworld and travel to the most eerily haunted places as you move from level to another, and unlock the spooky worlds that belong to the dark kingdom & clash with the ghosts.

Discover a dirty swamp, alien world, dessert, snow, crystal mine while winning candy and gold. Chase the spider army in the deserted barnyard filled with creepy crawlers, bats, pumpkin heads and finally enter the bone-chilling crystal mine, where the only ray of light is from bright snow like crystals and lakes of molten lava! Do you have the courage to take down the legendary dark army of creepy crawlers, & clash with the pumpkin heads, flappy skullies, spiders, mini zombies,bats,freaky jokers & clowns?

Are you ready to clash with the legends like the pharaohs, little kid frankie, saw champ and the magical and powerful lich? On their Master ‘s command they fight till infinity. Equip yourself this Halloween with exciting armor in this minigame of mini creatures & minions. Earn candies and become a mini heros who rescues his grandma from the zombie & spider army of the dark war world in this spooky kids game where the battle is fought till infinity.

They attack with their lethal claws, floating stone, spells, saws, judo chops and poisonous bullets. Spooky Realm is scarier than dino land. These tiny creatures are terrifyingly deadly and dangerous. Their hideous laughs will send shivers down your spine.

Your mission is to fight the spooky army with your magical toy guns like sniper & shotguns and take down their bosses. Like every army base, these ghouls and demons have a boss in every level. Kids do not underestimate their fighting skills as every attack of these mini beasts brings down your health. Beware! The jokers are not here to make you laugh. Their potty paper attacks are too lethal and the giant pumpkin heads pack a wicked punch in this action game. Choose from a variety of cool toy like weapons shaped like rifles, sniper & shotguns. Earn experience by killing the mini beasts and earn gold coins on winning the battle and moving to the next level. Call your friends for this Halloween treat & earn daily rewards and unlock treasure chests.Unlock cool toy weapons. 
Move up on the leaderboard and record your game to share it later with friends and call on or challenge them to fight through the dark war. This exciting video game will change the way you dream.

Cute 3d graphics, spooky music, variety of weird, nightmarish & horrific creatures, fast-paced storyline & exciting game play, unusual weapons with different shooting effects, make Spooky Realm one hell of a game! Everyone, from kids to adults can enjoy this mini dream like shooting game.

Fighting has never been so much fun. This Christmas call on spooky realm! A mini game for kids in which they chase Boogey man with toy guns with sniper like precision.


Choose different Guns.
See your Score in Leaderboard.
Cute Spooky Characters
Play with Alien world Weapons
Become the Star 
Earn Cute Candies
Save and Share 
Earn Gold
Alien World
Christmas Treat
Snow World

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